Kritik Rubrics Across Multiple Subjects

Our rubrics are applicable to many different subject areas. Here are just a few:

STEM Courses
Chemistry Professor Steven Forsey uses Kritik for his Organic Chemistry course with over 400 students. Learn more about Professor Forsey here:
Multi-Level Rubrics
Professor Laura Reid uses Kritik to assess her students proficiency. Set levels ranging from 'Novice' to 'Expert' to better assess students beyond numeric or binary grading.
Improve Student Writing
Psychology Professor Kaston Anderson-Carpenter of Michigan State University, uses Kritik to breakdown larger term papers into mini-writing assignments so students can receive feedback on their work quickly and earlier, thus improving his students' writing.

Easy to Use Rubrics

Set-up is easy & intuitive. Kritik is designed to save you time.

Rubrics improve assessment
Rubrics improve assessment
Rubrics reduce a graders personal judgments or biases and guides them through the grading process. Learn more tips on creating rubrics for peer assessment below
Full visibility into grading
Full visibility into grading
Kritik scores each of your students' assessment based on their accuracy and adjust their grades accordingly. You'll have full access to each students' assessment.
Timely & Effective Feedback
Timely & Effective Feedback
Rubrics via peer assessment enables allows students to receive timely feedback on their assignments while reducing your marking load.
Product Demo: Discover how Kritik helps you save time grading while improving student engagement and enhancing students' critical thinking skills!