Professer Alex Gainer
"I always thought that creating questions was an excellent way for a student to demonstrate their understanding of a topic."
Professor Alex Gainer,
University of Alberta
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Customized Activities
Assign Student Activities
Provide students with the work you normally do yourself alone. It could be researching case studies, course readings or presentations.
Meaningful Feedback
Students evaluate their peers' work
Students provide critical feedback on the work submitted by their peers.
Data-Driven Insights
Select what's most beneficial to students
Based upon students scores, review the top rated ones to select and edit the most impactful for your course.

Technology Rooted in Science

Our core mission and platform is built on years of proven scientific research and development

Create Non-Disposable Assignments

Stop creating assignments that waste students time. Allow your students to become producers of knowledge, not just takers.

Class Discussions

Use Kritik to source class discussions. Asking your students to develop questions to pose to other students based upon their understanding of the material, is a key source for developing critical thinking skills.
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Case Studies

There are dozens of case studies available online, but you don’t have time to review them all, and you don’t know which one is best for your students. By assigning each student to submit one or two case studies and then assigning those submitted to different students to review, you’ll get a holistic overview of which cases garner the most enthusiasm from students.

Iteration Towards Perfection

Ask your students to prepare a tutorial post on a course topic and allow their peers to assess the accuracy and creativity of their posts. Reassign the top posts to the next cohort of students for more rounds of edition and improvement with peer assessment
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Allow Students to Curate Knowledge

Students May Know Best

Students were asked to prepare questions for lectures, exams, textbooks and class discussions based upon their understanding of the concepts.
92% of the top 5% of student generated questions were at a quality high enough to be used in textbooks.

Curation Saves Educators Time

It takes on average, 3 minutes for Professors to come up with 1 question and 45 minutes to come up with 10 questions in one sitting.

That's 75 hours for 1,000 Questions.

What Students Say About Kritik

"I really liked being able to interact with the students grading me and vice versa. It felt genuine, and I really felt a desire to help people improve and felt the same from them."
"Kritik made writing final papers less intimidating because it allowed for more checkpoints"

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Learn how leading educators are deploying Kritik in their classroom to help curate course content.
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