Modernizing Online Learning

Keep students motivated and engaged with course concepts outside of the classroom and beyond readings & assignments. Post discussion questions, allow students to discuss problem areas & automatically evaluate student responses to questions based on quality, all with Kritik's technology.

Set student discussions
Have discussion topics around course materials and allow students to interact with questions as part of their formal assessments.
Allow students to freely post questions
Students can post questions to their class if they need clarification on material or want deeper insights on a particular subject.
AI-powered assessment
Students accumulate scores based upon the frequency and accuracy of their comments, posts & answers. Assessment is handled by Kritik.

Help Students
Learning by Teaching
Peer Review
Facilitate Dialogue
Facilitate Dialogue
Allow Kritik to help your students become more engaged with your material outside of the classroom. Students learn off of each other's unique and differing perspective.
Interactive Assignments
Interactive Assignments
Go beyond a case analysis or simple questions on weekly readings. Post discussions or group-questions and allow students to state their opinion, challenge other students' assumptions & evaluate new solutions.
Real-time feedback
Real-time feedback
Does a case not garner much discussion, did a lecture not resonate with students? Assess course materials in real-time by evaluating student understanding as each topic develops instead of waiting for a test or term-paper. Kritik gives educators insights into how their students are learning course materials.