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Peer Assessment

Harnessing ChatGPT for Productivity (Part 2)

This free eBook offers insightful information on implementing tools such as ChatGPT in higher education. It includes straightforward prompts to help improve productivity and manage time more efficiently.
Peer Assessment

Harnessing ChatGPT for Productivity (Part 1)

This free eBook highlights information about tools like ChatGPT in higher education, offering effective prompts to enhance productivity and optimize time efficiency in academic settings.
Peer Assessment

Guide to AI Plagiarism in Higher Education

This free eBook highlights information about Generative AI in higher education, offering actionable guidance to help combat AI Plagiarism.
Peer Assessment

Guide to ChatGPT in Higher Education

This free eBook highlights the risks and opportunities that ChatGPT presents for higher education with actionable steps faculty can take to manage ChatGPT use.
Peer Assessment

5 Activity Types Designed Using Generative AI

This free eBook shows 5 activity types for higher education with generative AI, plus ChatGPT prompts instructors can use for their course instructional design.
Peer Assessment

How to Implement Peer Assessment in Business Courses

This eBook highlights how peer assessment can transform 9 common business course activities and address common challenges faced by students and instructors.
Peer Assessment

100+ Examples of How to Apply Blooms' Taxonomy

This eBook highlights over 100 examples of how instructors across disciplines can apply Blooms' Taxonomy to develop their students' higher-order thinking.
Peer Assessment

Improve Student Success with the TEACH framework

This eBook shows how to implement the TEACH framework in your classroom to improve student engagement while developing students' higher-order thinking skills.
Peer Assessment

How Peer Assessment Develops the Higher-Order Thinking Skills Students Need Today

This eBook summarizes how instructors are improving student outcomes by involving students in their own learning and skill development through peer assessment.

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