About Kritik

Kritik is the only peer-to-peer solution designed to enhance students' higher order and critical thinking skills in online or in-person classes

Kritik's Beginning
January 2019
After successfully building Top Hat into a powerful active learning tool being used by millions of students across 750+ universities, Mohsen joins forces with his co-founder Carine to take on a new challenge: Developing a tool to enhance students' critical thinking skills through peer assessment.
Co-founders Mohsen and Carine officially incorporate the company, and Kritik is born.
After speaking with hundreds of professors to gather feedback and insight, Kritik develops the first version of our platform and launches in Canada with 6 instructors and 650 students.
Our team travels all across North America to conduct further research behind tools and features that instructors want and need in order to develop students' critical thinking through peer assessment.
New Team
January 2020
Kritik triples in size and launches the second version of our platform with updated features such as Calibration, Kritik Score, and Team-based Learning. Instructors at 10 universities implement version two.
Universities in North America
Kritik is used by well over 6000 students across 25 universities in North America.
First Year
Kritik celebrates our first anniversary. Our team has grown to 14 talented team members in less than a year, and our revenue is projected to grow more than 30x since the beginning of the year . This fall, we will be in 70 Higher Ed institutions), being used by over 180 professors and 20,000 students

Our Values

Jugaad / Always be Innovating
We are a non-conventional innovators as we are constantly innovating our platform to meet the needs of professors and students and we are agile in our ability to pivot when necessary.
Kritiks are critical yet motivational
We empower teamwork through trust and transparency. Everyone feels understood by providing and asking for feedback. We are helping to produce the critical, creative thinkers.
Go Above and Beyond
We take ownership and go beyond the call of duty to support and enable professors and students to have incredible experiences using Kritik.
Don't Sell or Buy BS
We are honest and empathetic. We have a reputation of being great listeners with high levels of integrity. We are credible and truth-worthy as we deliver our promises through an action plan perfectly aligned.
Healthy Living
Healthy Mind & Healthy Body
We maintain a positive attitude and understand how to work 'smart.' We take time away from our monitors to enjoy the outdoors, stay active, and spend time with loved ones.
Mamba Mentality
We focus on the process and trusting in the hard work when it matters most. We are a sport team of family members. "... Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses." - Kobe Bryant

Meet the Team

Mohsen Shahini
Mohsen Shahini, PhD
Mohsen Shahini co-founded Kritik in 2019 after helping to build Top Hat, an education software platform, which he co-founded in 2009.

Shahini’s experience and innovation at Top Hat helped the product become a market leader in student engagement software. Working in educational technology for over a decade, Shahini is also an active speaker in the Higher Education and startup communities. His current vision is to improve classroom innovation in higher education and to help student's learn faster.
Carine Marette
Carine Marette
Carine Marette co-founded Kritik in 2019 after launching two startups in wearable technology and design. Marette holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from École Supérieure de Génie Informatique (ESGI) and bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Laurentian University. Marette oversees all internal and external operations at Kritik, from finance to human resources and business management. Her current vision is to empower students learning in higher education.
Jonathan Sherman
Jonathan Sherman
VP of Business Development & Sales
As Kritik's VP of Business Development & Sales, Jon oversees all revenue-generating functions, including sales, partnerships, enterprise sales and customer success. Jon brings with him 5+ years of experience in SaaS and the Ed-Tech industry; he held Sales and CS leadership roles at Top Hat, where he worked across multiple functions from enterprise sales to managing and scaling the renewal/upsell team. Jonathan holds an MBA with a specialization in tech and innovation from Tel Aviv University and the University of Chicago (Booth)
Ryan Snow
Ryan Snow
Director of Product
Ryan joined Kritik to enhance our website, branding and product. He was previously Director of Product Design at Loopio and holds a CS degree from UWO.
Mike Yoon
Mike Yoon
Lead Engineer
Mike Yoon is Kritik employee #1 and our lead engineer, and has since driven product innovation for our customers and team. Mike leads all development of Kritik features.
Dave Liptrot
Dave Liptrot
Enterprise Account Executive
Dave spent 9 years at Top Hat, a leading Ed Tech company based in Toronto. Dave is striving to make Kritik the leading provider of peer assessment technology in Higher Ed.
Eli Samarasinghe
Eli Samarasinghe
Lead, Onboarding and Customer Success
Eli's experience as a TA and researcher at the Sprott School of Business gives him the perspective of what a career in academia demands. He ensures educators and students using Kritik have a meaningful experience.
Brendan Higgins
Brendan Higgins
Jr. Account Executive
Brendan has held various roles in the Canadian tech ecosystem, and still volunteers & advises in movements in this community. He received his Bachelor's degree in Business from WLU.

Przemek Rudzki
Przemek Rudzki
Software Developer
Passionate for coding, Przemek became a software developer after he graduated from a coding boot camp at the University of Toronto, followed by an online Master of Computer Science program at GTU.
Linming Ye
Linming Ye
Full Stack Developer
Linming learnt web development from a coding boot camp in Montreal in 2018 and has worked as a full stack developer for the past 2 years in cross-functional teams.
Rodrigo Goncales
Rodrigo Goncales
Full Stack Developer
Rodrigo is a Full Stack Engineer who brought the initial version of Kritik to the market. He completed his Bachelor of Computer Science at Ryerson University.
Rodrigo Goncales
Sarim Muhammad
Software Engineer

Sarim is a Software Engineer at Kritik. He is currently in his 2nd year of Mechanical Engineering at University of Waterloo and is passionate about developing impactful products.

David Kim
Philip Tran
Business Development
Phil is a student in his second year of an Environment and Business program at U Waterloo. He's passionate about helping others and is hoping to build on that passion during his time here at Kritik.
Catherine Rodin
James Quiambao
Product Manager
James is studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo and previously worked on products at Top Hat, Human Capital, and SAP. In his free time, James love to read and write.

Team Mascot
Indie always knows how to keep the team motivated and energized! He's always up for a walk, a treat, or just some good quality time with his fellow Kritik's.