Drive Engagement through Peer Assessment

Build a collaborative learning environment that enables students to experience diverse perspectives.

Join over 200,000 users across 250+ institutions using Kritik

Kritik across Disciplines


See how peer assessment can help students to learn multiple ways to arrive at a solution.


Enable students to build critical thinking and soft skills through practicing peer evaluations.


Create an inclusive and bias-free environment for students to express themselves.


Expose your students to diverse perspectives as they can give critical feedback on each other's work.


See how the Professors are using Kritik

See how Kritik Instructors teach different type of classes ranging from online to in-person, from large to small, and lecture-based to interactive.

Why do Instructors use Kritik in their courses?

Prepares students for the workforce
Enhances critical-thinking skills
Strengthens course concepts
Increases student engagement levels
Reduces grading burden, more time to coach
Improves Soft Skills

Join over 200,000 users across 250+ institutions using Kritik

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