Develop Students'
Critical Thinking

Reinvent peer-to-peer learning in a more creative way

Let your students learn by helping you

How Kritik Works

They Learn More by Teaching,
You Save Time

Kritik, a spinoff of Top Hat, is emerging from a decade of research and experience working with the teaching faculties in dozens of Universities. We have seen when faculty step out from their authoritative teaching method and put their students at the centre of instruction, not only do they find time to focus more on giving personalized feedback to students who need it the most, they also enable students' metacognition and higher order thinking. Kritik is the first platform that empowers such development in students.

Engage students in higher order thinking

Create Different Types of Assignments

Creating Questions
Inspire students’ learning curiosity toward a particular topic by letting students create questions themselves

Essay Writing
Students develop their own arguments

Peer Instruction
Through teaching classmates, students enhance their understanding and memorization of the course materials

Allow students to create multimedia presentation to test students' understanding of the concepts

Integrate, learn and Create

Following the Science of Bloom's

Our mission is to engage students in higher order thinking in order to develop students' meta-cognition with a focus on enhancing the analysis, evaluation and creation skills which follows the science of Bloom's Taxonomy

Students Centric

When students are at the center of the instruction, they are encouraged to learn more and in-depth by evaluating other peers' works.

Formative Assessment

Analysis, evaluation, and creation, these three areas are the most forgotten ones in student formative assessments. Kritik is here to change that.


With Kritik's gamified assessment platform, students learn how to create content, analyze and evaluate their peers' works with minimal intervention from professors.

“At Kritik, we are building a peer-to-peer teaching platform in the higher education system. We aim to develop tools and methods to measure this intellectual learning process and form a strong supportive learning community to ensure every student's success.”

Mohsen Shahini

Co-Founder of Top Hat. Founder and CEO of Kritik.

“I am foreseeing an intensively collaborative and digitized future in higher education. Kritik is pushing the innovation to happen.”


Business Analyst and Operation Coordinator at Kritik Education Corp

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