Customized Activities
Customized Rubrics
Improve the quality of peer assessment, increase the amount of feedback students provide, and increase the accuracy of assessment by utilizing our repository of customized rubrics.
Meaningful Feedback
Meaningful Feedback
Educators save countless hours of grading while enabling students to become TA-level evaluators. Our proprietary AI-driven Evaluation Score determines the quality and effort of students' anonymous evaluations.
Data-Driven Insights
Data-Driven Insights
Instructors/TA's maintain full visibility into the peer review process with the ability to track student progress. Kritik will automatically flag at-risk or disengaged students and guide them in the right direction.

Technology Rooted in Research

Our core mission and platform is built on years of proven scientific research and development

Insights from Educators

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Student Reflections on Kritik

"This is one of the most radically impacting platforms I've been able to interact with. It is a consistent way to improve my writing skills by learning from others. I absolutely love it."
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91% have a better learning experience by evaluating their peers.
81% find that seeing their peer's submissions help in understanding the quality of their own work.
94% prefer consistent Kritik activities over a final exam.

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