Leadership Skills

Build Career-ready Skills with Peer Assessment

Develop key competencies with a 360-degree feedback loop that sets students up for success.

Top 5 Skills that Employers Seek*

*Data Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook Survey

Critical Thinking

Fact: Employers want to hire talent that brings the ability to think independently and the hunger to evaluate multiple solutions.

Peer assessment as a solution:
Exposes students to diverse perspectives that enable them to ask better questions.


Fact: Effective communication in the workplace can be transformative for individuals and teams.

Peer assessment as a solution: Enables students to practice giving helpful and actionable feedback that can improve their work quality.


Fact: Collaborating and learning from each other’s strengths can only result in innovative solutions and higher success.

Peer assessment as a solution: Encourages students to learn from team members' and other groups’ submissions.

Work Ethic

Fact: Employers look for self-motivated candidates who can multitask and manage their time well.

Peer assessment as a solution: Facilitates timely feedback by participation in multiple stages that develops ownership and accountability.


Fact: Employers look for candidates who take initiative and are able to manage expectations for the success of the project.

Peer assessment as a solution: Inspires students to learn to provide feedback to their peers by balancing being both motivational and helpful.

How we make a difference

Student Reflections on Kritik

Improves Critical Thinking Skills

My critical thinking skills improved
as a result of using Kritik.

Improves Communication Skills

My communication skills improved
as a result of using Kritik.

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

I learned by evaluating my peers’
work using Kritik.

Timely and Personalized Feedback

Kritik allowed me to quickly receive
personalized feedback on my work.

Why do Instructors use Kritik in their courses?

Prepares students for the workforce
Enhances critical-thinking skills
Strengthens course concepts
Increases student engagement levels
Reduces grading burden, more time to coach
Improves soft skills

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