What students say about Kritik

Students state that Feedback on Feedback has been one of the most beneficial tactics in improving their understanding of course concepts.

New perspectives
"I found Kritik to be very helpful in understanding other students' perspectives"
Anonymous feedback
"I like that all feedback is anonymous, it removes any personal biases, and multiple students can assess my work which provides different perspectives."
Enhance skills
"Kritik helped enhance my ability to edit others work, as well as created a space where I can have others help me enhance my own writing skills."

Insights that produce better feedback

Kritik empowers students to learn from their mistakes and provide more impactful feedback for each assignment they assess

Motivates students
Motivates students
When students receive feedback on how their feedback has helped other students perform better in class, they are motivated to provide to provide further critiques in the future.
Support for students
Support for students
Giving and receiving feedback on feedback is a new concept for many students, that's why we're helping professors and students out by providing step-by-step instructions and templates for each student to use.