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Guided Assessment
Professor Alex Gainer uses Kritik for Peer Assessment instead of his school's LMS, because Kritik helps students understand how to produce a quality peer assessment and gives them feedback on ways to improve.
Integrated with Canvas
Dr. Prerna Poojary uses Kritik for her clinical courses to allow her students to become more comfortable giving and receiving constructive criticism on their work. Kritik's ability to integrate with Canvas greatly reduced her administrative work.
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Unique learning opportunities for students

Boost your LMS with Kritik's peer review platform; enable students to achieve deeper levels of learning & understanding through peer assessment.

Online Discussion Tool
Online Discussion Tool
Kritik’s discussion feature allows students and professors to post questions, poll the class, engage in group discussions on course topics all while students are learning remotely. Kritik’s AI-driven technology can automatically score student responses to discussion topics and pinpoint students who are not engaging with the material and guide them towards solutions.
AI-Driven Platform
AI-Driven Platform
Our algorithm uses AI to flag the graders who may have not been accurate in their review and brings them to your attention. Also, we use data to create groups of evaluators that change activity to activity so that the evaluators across all assignments are homogeneous in their grading ability. By doing this, we ensure that strong and weak graders are evenly distributed among assignments. Also, students are incentivized to provide quality evaluations since this is a portion of their grade! (TA-level graders are rewarded).
World-Class Support
World-Class Support
Due to limited resources and varying priorities, most education platforms do not have the bandwidth to provide consistent and readily available support to instructors and students, which heavily adds to their workload. Our response time on live chat averages under 2 minutes both for professors and students. With Kritik, Professors & students have access to our live chat function, email & phone support throughout the term. Response time is generally under 5 minutes.
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