Peer Assessment

Guides and resources to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

How to Complement Auto-Graded Assignments with Peer Assessment

Learn how Kritik enhances student learning by complementing auto-graded assignments with peer assessment, boosting engagement, collaboration, and reducing instructor workload.
5 Minutes

14 Ways to Run Constructivist Activities to Enhance Peer Learning

See examples of how to implement Constructivist activities that enhance problem-solving and collaboration in your classroom to enhance learning outcomes.
10 minutes

How Peer Assessment Contribute to a Better Learning Experience

Cultivate a supportive learning environment with peer assessment. Read practical tips and insights to help reduce fear and anxiety in your classroom using Kritik.
10 minutes

8 Ways to Make Peer Feedback Effective in the Classroom

Revamp your classroom with 8 expert tips to make peer-to-peer feedback effective! Read more about how Kritik offers practical solutions to enhance learning outcomes.
12 minutes