How Spotlight Helps Guide Students To Deliver a Strong Quality of Work

Learn how leading educators are using the spotlight feature to enhance student learning.

Customized rubrics guide students
Professor Steve Forsey provides each of his students with a set rubric that helps with their evaluations. By provided rubrics, the quality of evaluations have increased significantly.
Set students up for success with modeling
Professor Kelly Morse models strong work to her student in her class and in Kritik using the spotlight feature. This ensures students have strong examples to reflect on for their own work.
Scaffold learning with personalized feedback
Professor Lyzzie Golliher scaffolds learning by breaking up larger assignments and using peer assessment, so that students receive personalized feedback, and diverse examples of work at each stage.

Enable better learning

See how the Kritik technology enhances student grading.

Makes Students Accountable
Makes Students Accountable
When students are trusted and made accountable for the quality of their peer evaluations, they will take ownership and put the effort in producing a quality peer evaluation. Peer Review without taking peer grading into account demotivates students to do grading.
Appreciate different viewpoints
Appreciate different viewpoints
When students see their peers' work being highlighted they learn to understand that great work can look different and still be unique. Spotlighting work allows students to takeaway learning and apply it to their own work.
Improve Evaluation Skills
Improve Evaluation Skills
When students see what strong evaluations look like and understand why a particular evaluation is strong, they will self-reflect and improve their own evaluations.
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