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inviting friends to use Kritik

We'll send you to your favorite conference
or cover costs to conduct research.

Refer a friend or colleague if you've found Kritik to be a valuable tool to decrease grading time and improve the quality of students' work and engagement. When they sign-up, you'll earn a benefit of your choice.
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Conference Sponsorship

We'll cover the registration fee for your favorite Education Conference. Reach out to us for our recommended list curated from hundreds of professors.
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Fiverr Credits

Earn a $100 reimbursement on Fiverr services. Need help writing & editing your research papers or Grants? Fiverr can help.
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Choose your own...

Have another idea for a benefit? We're open to any and all ideas to reward you for spreading the word about Kritik.
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Earn multiple benefits

Do you know multiple educators who might benefit from Kritik? You can refer all of them! For each successful sign-up you refer, you'll earn a benefit. There's no limit - every student has the right to learn better, and we need your help to achieve this.
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Multiple Benefits for referrals

Invite passionate educators to lead the transition to competency-based learning