In-class lectures are on hold,
learning doesn’t have to be.

In response to COVID-19 we’re making Kritik free of charge for administrators, professors, and students.

We would like to help

We understand the difficulty that comes with ensuring that virtual students still feel part of a community, still engage with each other, and still receive feedback on their work in order to learn effectively and develop higher-order thinking skills.

For the rest of the current term and any courses beginning within the next month, we’re making the Kritik platform free of charge regardless of the amount of activities or assignments administered, in order to make the transition to virtual classrooms as smooth as possible.

Kritik will help you retain the social element of on-campus learning in your online course

Create activities that allow students to develop higher-order thinking skills (HOTS)

Allows students to remotely collaborate (either individually or in groups) to challenge their HOTS

Students will create assignments, anonymously evaluate peers submissions, and delivery feedback based on evaluations received

Our gamified experience rewards students by giving them points, badges and stars for reaching higher levels of critical-thinking and evaluator skill

Our platform allows students to receive consistent quality written feedback (from each other) while saving professors time on grading and admin tasks

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Kritik and your LMS

Kritik is a supplementary tool to your LMS and is in no way meant to replace course management.

Kritik is a supplementary tool to your LMS and is in no way meant to replace course management. We work with professors to administer their activities/assessments between lectures. Professors use Kritik in virtual courses to create a sense of community and empower students to provide quality anonymous evaluations of their peers, which also saves professors time on grading written assignments.


Do professors or students need to pay to use Kritik?

We are making Kritik free for professors and students who have current, active classes and need help transitioning to virtual classes to complete the semester. Additionally, we are offering Kritik for free for the Spring Quarter (applicable to colleges on a Quarter System).

How do I set up my activities?

Click on the Get Started button and our team of instructional designers will be in touch with you to help you quickly transition your course.

How long will it take?

We have a dedicated instructional design team who will be able to assist in creating your account / initial activities in a complimentary 1-hour virtual session. In addition, we are also providing extra support via live chat, phone and email to ensure that those who would like to use Kritik’s platform are able to do so as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Who is able to use Kritik for free?

This offer is valid for professors teaching at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

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