Webinars to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

Develop Students’ Higher-Order Thinking Remotely

Learn about the importance of higher-order and critical thinking, particularly in online courses.

Transitioning from Exams to Take-home Projects

During campus closures, where students are unable to complete a final assessment in person, alternative end-of-term activities need to be developed and administered.

Engaging Virtual Classrooms featuring Gary McGuey

Educational Leader and Innovator Gary McGuey joins Kritik Founder and CEO Dr. Mohsen Shahini to discuss how to create more engaging virtual classrooms.

Implementing Rubric-Based Assessments in Online Classes

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from educators wondering how to best implement rubrics in online classes.

The Human Element in Remote Learning

During this session, we will cover a variety of topics to help educators uncover the human element of remote learning

Excel, Gradebook & Data Manipulation for Professors

COVID-19 has affected the way in which professors are providing grades and assessments to students. During this session, we will review common data and text manipulation essential for managing student lists and grading in Excel.